Beyond time

Whilst we were lost
In times agast
This exploration of a sort
Brought us to this porch
Two lost souls in search of the unknown.

It began with 2 white lies,
And a million truths
That first time we met was a feeling
Beyond words, actions and emotions alike.

Crumbling balls of nervous energy,
Surreal could describe the moment we saw each other,
Like a blast from the past
And closest friends for life
It was that natural and sublime.

Balance represents us
In the rough path that lies thus
Every second, every breath that sings together
A never ending melody
The Playlist she inherited thereafter.

And along came a tsunami
They know it’ll be powerful
But those smiles can’t be crushed
By forced waves that brushed

Such sweetness, tenderness lightens up every morn
How she’ll miss those messages all along
But she’s got a promise to keep
A smile that beams
With a tearful sheen

And as the day progresses
Arrives the twilight, times flies away
When conversations sway
Who would’ve thought it could be this beautiful
So precious and soulful
Yet so fragile.

Capturing each second spent
In polaroids and memoirs,
There’s a strength to behold
A story that needs to be told
Because its never been like this
And shall never be
Those two birds chirp blissfully.

She wishes she could integrate
Ask for forgiveness
To bring back what once was mine
Shining brighter than any dime.

There lies an assurance,
To always be there,
To support and cherish the daffodils forever.
Deep within it’s slipping away,
Shattered shards that pierce her heart.

Miles away runs her soul,
Trying to catch before this train leaves.
In the uncertainty that follows
In those dark deathly hallows
Hope will blossom like the morning dew.

How they wish to beat
The Sands of time,
Time turner’s last chime.
For they must not be seen
Neither be heard, nor will feel.

This love that they amassed,
Flower, glee and glow that lasts,
Let its power shine
To bring back what once was mine.

Whilst you drift away,
Like the cherry blossoms,
She nurtures the tree like her own
Hoping they would cross paths
In a life that lasts.


23rd Jan to 31st July and forever

A journey through unprecedented times,
Bringing onboard 64 beautiful minds,
Fresh faces, inquisitive souls,
All amassed under a single roof,
Miles apart and socially distanced,
Brought together by cascading rooms;

Juggling between bandwidth issues,
Sharing screen and excel green;

Soaring adrenaline,
Hopping teams,
Making our ideas audible,
Crashing systems,
Hefty servers,
Fearing error 101;

Opportunities, challenges, struggles, timeless battles,
Prolonged discussions, intellectual talks,
Late-night pings and morning blues;

Between caffeine intake and home-brewed tea,
Munching and leaping all these weeks,
To one wise advice
“Good work is rewarded with more work”
Life goals were set;

An emotional departure with infinite memories,
Now let’s call it a day,
We’re all good to go,
See you all soon!

Integrity of Quarantine

Amidst the unusual silence, as days turn into nights and life goes on, the velocity has reduced drastically.
There was a time we enjoyed recording slow motion videos, taking life one step at a time and sliding into others Dm’s before the world came to a standstill.

Now there’s a vagueness in this entire period where one doesn’t know when normalcy of our unnerving lives will be proclaimed back.

But this is also the time of introspection and rejuvenation, a phase where we dig deep into our thoughts, discover and develop qualities, let go of inhibitions and bring the speedy cycle of our brains to a halt.

When we don’t calculate the time period, but learn to live in the moment,
When the canvas appears to be smaller than the imagination,
When unlimited kindle subscription seems limited,
When the writer within us pens down endless novels,
When we go down the memory lane,
When sunrise and sunset are captured through every lens,
When the breeze freshens up every morning,
When we finally hum to the tunes that we love,
When we bring out the hidden chefs in us,
When the mankind finally settles on the ground,
And the earth starts functioning back.

In all these activities, social trends and many more, we find peace, sanity and humanitarian ground.
Where each soul finds solace and every job is honored again and above all, the planet that brings the livelihood to us all.

Silencing the monologue

The utter loss of words, or just the feeling of gulping the thoughts down the throat prompts me to silence the hustle of the world around.
A Silence, so loud, pushes away the crowd.
The ability to streamline your inner sorrows and doubts into a single chain of thought and rewind it for as long as you wish, gives you the precious minutes of introspection.
Digging deep into the hidden corners of the heart and putting a heavy load on the heart, makes you feel you small and yet so significant.
Not putting those words out places you under the spotlight of your own that one might not have experienced in reality.
Visualizing the atmosphere and writing the monologue of yourself gives you the strength to enter into the noise once again.

The Mighty Fright

Often in life we come across personalities that are so vivid in nature, yet so connected by the soul. We might have lived ages apart, in various parts and yet we strike a cord. While the song might come out to be melodious, it is indeed the strings of the guitar that bring out the tune.

Drawing a parallel to these strings is the human nature. The term defines its complexity and attributes to the enormous amount of effort that it brings along. It is this analogy that allow us to understand a person, farther or closer.

We are so driven by emotions that we tend to ignore the crux of the scenarios that we face on a daily basis. Varied mindsets and countless emotions spin a whirlwind in a fraction of a second. It all sounds fragmented in sentences, even though it is knitted together in a blog.

What truly highlights a person is their embodiment of this mixture, and the underlying ability to develop an appropriate concoction of the same.

Much like these well-structured sentences, and their ruptured meaning, our paths are also paved like the latter. The hopeful atmosphere and strategic actions conclude the analytics of our minds and spirits alike.

Wishfulness of holding on to the core and standing tall against the sands of time, marks the spirit of a knight and such is the might of life.

Flawless flaws

Amidst the frenzy of larger than life stories, we often find ourselves pressured by our destiny.

Has destiny really assumed the gregarious form? Or is it just a hallucination of the creative junk box!

What really forms the basis of our fear or is it fear that forms our foundation?

Why is it that one step seems so far even when it is only inches away?

Is this question ban the governing factor, even when answers are the leading trail!

And when none of these doubts bloom, we are in the most relaxed zone. Because believing in ourselves was never taught, it came with time, from within.

If only we could remember all of it; and almonds weren’t the external memory devices.

When flaws were worn with pride, humans made a mark. Because flaws complete us and here we try to compete with them.

Is it time?

We have quit something to achieve something. To find out our true self and retrospect. Protecting ourselves from the choking smog of reality, we have worn masks of immaturity; a disguise that had driven us deep into darkness. Tracing back our steps is a stab to the swollen ego.
To shed the cover would be too much exposure to the bare soul, oblivious to the horrors lying beyond. As much as it seems farfetched, it is a crucial decision that needs implementation. Only a word of mouth and simple push beholds the power to transform the dynamics of this clog. If not acted upon, consequences are too ghastly to discuss. Throwing ample amount of light on the future prospects or repurcussions, I must say they did walk the path, the question being which kind!

Has the time come where you quit something? Is it time already to come of age?

Winged to infinity

Often in life we come across people whose aura inspire us, provide us the driving force to move ahead and achieve something. Certain instances that happen over a cycle of time tend to push us forward to reach the farthest skies and discover the unknown. It remains unclear how we tend to bond with these humans stranger to us and form connections that last a lifetime.

In a world full of topsy-turvy paths and obstacles, experience is what mold us into the better versions of ourselves and brush us up into responsible beings.

In the philosophy of life, there lie curiosities undefined which only a few can identify and it is with these wise people that we identify with.

The creepy and scary mask of hurdles that rattles us from within and creates voids that must be banished.

Stepping into the territory of puzzle, she found herself stumbling on the stones that she came across and fear got the better of her, making her lose the sense of wisdom and truth and pushed her on to lost youth. She needed a way out, to discover herself, her strengths and wade through the rough waters.

It takes deep sense of belonging and emmense gratitude and appreciation to pull out from the darkness and she got all of them through a source close to her igniting the fire within.

To pursue what lies in the corners of her mind, an uncompromising task that required a push, a road to accomplice.She found the three most influential people , highlighted and related, one who gave wings to her dreams and the other two guided her way towards fulfillment of those dreams. They discovered her ability to pen down thoughts and create magic out of them and instilled the lost confidence in her.

Developing , stumbling her way through she did take a step back but her mentor wouldn’t have let go of her so easily. One look and they both knew what was emerging out and from that moment on there was no looking back.

Swirling, designing and flowing the ideas that emanated out of her through the rays of the sun, she gained experience and friends for a lifetime. Three of them has finally managed to etch the thought in her mind “None of us is as strong as all of us”.
She had found inspiration in her peers and loved ones and was unstoppable to stand on their expectations.

As time passed and hardwork paid off, the celebration had come to an end and with teary eyes and overwhelmed heart, she thanked them for helping her discover herself.
She knew she couldn’t express her gratitude until she sat to put those thoughts into words, words that might mean a lot more than the droplets of rain that he called diamonds.

Scared Games

She sat beside me sharing her internship experience.

She said,’I am afraid the faculties in the judging panel might presume I haven’t done any work because the other guy hasn’t and we both happen to have interned in the same industry.’

Well, the very reason the concerned elders have attained the position that they are entitled to is their sense of reason, their ability to differentiate between individuals, two students who might have worked at the same place, presented similar content , stood beside each toher, where one worked ‘a single day’, the other worked round the clock.

Just this mere demarcation makes all the difference in the world. And if by chance they are unsuccessful in identifying the key factor, then it becomes crystal clear that they slided their way through the road.

The very fact that we engineers need to understand is the reality of recruitment process, the truth that lingers in the atmosphere. We must make ourselves aware that there will come a situation where both a 10 pointer and a 6 pointer is placed with the same package.

The truth, lies in front of us, it’s only a matter of indentifying it, embracing it and not allowing it to meddle with our brains.

Life is too short for hatred, too short to regret, and too short to waste. We have reached the millennial generation who break their heads in figuring this simple formula.

Mentors always talk about how the recruiters look beyond the official piece of parchment, and once you have imbibed the experiences, there’s no looking back.

Conservative or Caged

Spending the meagre hours at home after work, earlier seemed to her as a sigh of relief but it had now turned into a combat with the walls of conservative thoughts.

Words spoken by her grandmother punched her hard. Such was the air around the house, smelling like a dingy cave.

Exhausted, she found peace in watching TV in her comfy room, anticipating the echo of the stick moving forth towards her. She awaited the veil that would soon dim the lights hoping to discover an invisibility cloak that could shut her from the surpassing gloom.

Naïve, as you may think, she always felt a sense of pride in her ability to use her left hand for work. Never had she realised that the same hand which carved beautiful creations , brewed amazing flavours, would one day be mauled down by her own. “Right is only right, Left – a dark site”, she exclaimed shattering her pride.

One evening, grandmother asked her over a cup of tea, ‘How long will you pursue your studies?, I believe only boys should work, what good could girls do!’. Before the poor grand daughter could answer, she was thrashed with age criterion of marriage and homogeneous examples of her cousins.

“A wholesome dinner relished by all, was a sight of disdain for the old;

Left-over food didn’t go down the foodpipe of the grown.”

Not that it was going to be wasted but because ‘Bahu’ didn’t learn her proportions well.

The drizzle and cool breeze ran through her hair rejuvenating the tired soul but the feeling was short-lived when the dark clouds inside undermined the independent women.

Among the speeding talk of women empowerment and child rights, sedimented narrow mindset clogged the roads of youth and government swam the clear water above.

“We are not policymakers, we are not lawmakers, we are influencers. As influencers, we talk about things that are important to us and that’s the maximum we can do”, quoted the influencers.

Ignoring the turmoil above, the grand daughter loved them unconditionally.